Google Release The New Google Earth – What Does This Mean For Flight Sim?

if you don’t know what google earth is, it is basically a 3D focused version of google maps, it includes most buildings in the world in 3D form, particularly mountains etc.

the google earth project was deserted for quite some time until now, google has just released the new overhauled version of google earth

as you can see in the screenshot below, it is KSFO. the buildings and some aircraft are in full 3D and are fully textured, this could pose as a great advantage to scenery developers as they could extract this data (if google allows it) and add adjustments to make it compatible with flight simulators, this would speed up scenery developments significantly

another intresting concept is using this data as ground scenery for x-plane 11, we already have ortho4xp which allows you to extract google maps data for example and convert it to ground mesh for the sim, the same could apply to google earths 3D data, while this can be done with “world2xp”, it would be intersting as to what we could do with the new google earth


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