FSFX ChasePlane Alpha 2 – Coming Later Today

this is very exciting, FSFX have confirmed that alpha 2 of chaseplane will be releasing later today at 2300z. the main changes being the introduction of the community features – and hopefully many bug fixes and performance improvements, which many people in the community have been hoping for

here are the details…

Hi folks!

Tomorrow April 30th at around 2300z, we will be migrating to our new server infrastructure, gradually opening the gates to ChasePlane’s Community features and officially transition to the Alpha 2 stage. This stage will not last very long as is does not include a crazy feature set since shipped most of them in the past few months as part of Alpha 1.5.

We estimate a 10-20 minutes downtime during the transition period (from April 30th 2017 2300z to April 30th 2017 2320z). If you are planning on using ChasePlane during this period, please ensure you have the latest build (0.1.724 or newer) and that ChasePlane is started and running before 2300z.

ChasePlane’s Community

ChasePlane’s Community is the place where you will be able to share your presets with others within the app itself. You can search, preview, import or subscribe to presets other users have shared. All of that without ever having to leave the application.

We will be making the Community features available gradually to an increasing amount of people in upcoming coming weeks. Check often to see if you have access!

You can get a brief preview of what it’s going to be like to share your presets using the Community in the following video:

There are various things we need to clarify in this video. We will update the WIP User Manual to better describe how the Community works but here’s a quick breakdown.

The first time you access the Community, you will be asked for an alias. This alias will identify you in the community and will be searchable by other users to find your presets.

Privacy settings
By default, your presets are set to Private. In this privacy mode, your presets will not be accessible by other users in the community. To share your presets, you have to change this mode to Unlisted or Public. Unlisted presets will not show in the search queries but will allow access through a custom link.

Import vs Subscribe
In the Community, you have the choice to import or to subscribe to another user’s preset. A subscribed
preset will stay up-to-date with the creator’s preset. If the creator decides to make a few changes to the camera speeds, turbulence settings or camera position, you will be kept up to date. An imported preset will copy the creator’s preset and make a new one for you. You then have the freedom to modify it to your liking.

To preview a preset in the Community, you simply hover above the preview icon and the view will move to the preset’s position. Very simple and intuitive!

We wanted to release Alpha 2 back in January but the Community features required a lot more planning and time to get going than we first anticipated. Everything is now back on tracks and we are confident about our timeline to the full v1.0 release in June.

Thank You

A big thank you to everyone supporting this project and providing valuable feedback on the Forums. ChasePlane has evolved into a fully features camera system because of you!


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