Dovetail Games Flight Sim World – Will It Be Good?

so now we have lots of information about dovetails new simulator, flight sim world. following dovetails recent release of train sim world – dovetail seems to be following this naming pattern, but let’s hope it doesn’t follow everything train sim world did…

unfortunately, flight sim world will be based on Microsoft ESP, which is a bit of a disappointment since train sim world used the unreal engine and dovetail built train sim world from the ground up – this would have been very interesting to see in the flight simulator market

but train sim world had its fair share of probelms, especially with perfroamnce, which is a dreaded part of flight simulation, as we spend more time looking at the loading screens and tweaking our sims than flying, so hopefully we won’t see this problem in flight sim world

after all, flight sim world will be 64-bit of course, this change has taken too long for the ESP platform, but its good to see were moving on from the dreaded OOM errors. flight sim world will also be running on direct-x 11, shame we couldn’t see direct-x 12, but that’s asking for a way too much, to be honest as direct-x 12 games usually have many problems as of recently especially

aircraft are also looking very impressive, this is down to physical based rendereding and ambient occlusion impartially, we have seen PBR in x-plane 11 which looks very realistic and adds so much more depth to the modelling of the airctraft. its a shame that we couldn’t see any commercial airliners in the announcement video – BUT dovetail have stated that they have been in contact with third party developers, we don’t know who as of now, but we can imagine it being aerosoft for sure as they had involvement with the steam conversion of fsx, and their content is available on the steam store. this could mean we could see aerosofts aircraft such as the airbus a320 series, CRJ and a330 being ported over immediately and being easily accessible from the sim, but we know nothing for sure.

but we can hope that flight sim world won’t be only general aviation based and restricted to dovetail only aircraft. so we would recommend keeping an eye on this new sim, but maybe hesitate to buy it straight away (early access starts may) as we dont have enough clarity as of now




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