Active Sky for P3D v4 open beta now available for download

this is big news! active sky is now available for P3D v4 as an open beta, here are all of the details directly from HIFI…

Active Sky for P3Dv4 BETA

ASP4 has been preliminarily tested by our private HiFi Testing Team, and despite a few known issues, we are ready to extend the beta to all AS16 for P3D licensed users who wish to participate!


Who can participate?

At this time, the BETA is available only to licensed AS16 for P3D customers.  If you have an AS16 for P3D license, you will simply use that same license key to install/use ASP4.

If you do not have an AS16 for P3D license, you can purchase one at any time through our network of vendors.  Please see www.hifisimtech.com for more information.


When will it be officially released?

We have a few known issues to resolve, as well as needing some time to test the product widely and resolve any additional issues found.  We hope to release within the next couple weeks, but it may take longer.


Known Issues

At this time, we are aware of the following items, and these items do not need to be reported:

  • Real-Time Sky texture dynamics are disabled.  We expect to enable Sky Texture dynamics within the next couple builds.  While dynamics are disable, ASCA sky textures can only be changed by Activating via ASCA and then restarting the simulator.
  • Navigraph data updater has not been updated yet with ASP4 definitions.  We expect a new updater from Navigraph to be available soon which includes ASP4.


Running along-side AS16 for P3D or any other Active Sky product

ASP4 is a separate product/application and will run fine along with AS16 for P3D, if you wish to use it for continued P3Dv3 integration, for example.


Downloads Links

Active Sky for P3Dv4 BETA Full Install:

USA Mirror: http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/beta232/AS_P3Dv4_Install.exe

Europe Mirror 1: http://cumulus.hifitechinc.com/beta232/AS_P3Dv4_Install.exe

Europe Mirror 2: http://perlucidus.hifitechinc.com/beta232/AS_P3Dv4_Install.exe

When installing new beta versions/updates of ASP4, please UNINSTALL the previous version, removing all saved data, then reinstall the new download.  This ensures a clean environment for testing.


ASCA SP2 Update BETA (required for ASCA+ASP4+P3Dv4 use – installs over the top)

USA Mirror: http://nimbus.hifitechinc.com/beta232/ASCA_Update.exe

Europe Mirror 1: http://cumulus.hifitechinc.com/beta232/ASCA_Update.exe

Europe Mirror 2: http://perlucidus.hifitechinc.com/beta232/ASCA_Update.exe



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