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Aerosoft A320 Professional AOC Print Option Previewed In Action

Quick update from Aerosoft today showing off the AOC Print functionality working in P3D v4 with the upcoming Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 Professional line of aircraft…

Just an image to show of the beauty of this model. Do see it as full resolution. As you see the AOC print option of METAR now fully functions.

One more factoid from today. Remember that we were talking to Lockheed to have an issue with visitags and click zones sorted out?  Well because I was busy I forgot to send them some files they needed to test with. They reminded me to send them. Seems a small thing but Microsoft would probably not even have replied when we had such an issue and Lockheed actually requests the files so they can compile the aircraft themselves and see where the issue is. It is such a pleasure to work with them. Absolute professionals.



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