Aerosoft Announce New Flight Simulator – VFR Simulator + Previews

Aerosoft have been busy with bringing some of their in-development projects out into the public recently, such as the upcoming DC-8 which they revealed at the end of last month. VFR Simulator (not the final name) will be a standalone simulator built from the ground up featuring a limited world with highly detailed environments and aircrafts. Here are all the current details…

We are happy to announce VFR Simulator (more on the name further on). This is a complete new flight simulator, so not an add-on or a spin-off. As the name suggests it is focused on small aircraft and small airfields.  So it is NOT a new X-Plane, not a new FSX, it does not have add-ons, it does not cover the whole world. VFR Simulator has a limited scope, but high detail.




It comes with an airfield (airport), high detailed area around that (always minimal 50×50 km with 50 cm textures) and several aircraft.  It’s easy to use, no complex dialogs or config files to edit.  As it is VFR it has limited weather options.  It is not a simplified flight simulator though. The flight models are highly realistic, and you will need to learn to fly the aircraft. The limited scope makes it possible get far better framerates then we are used to while having better graphics in every possible aspect. The sales price will be around 20 euro ($23) plus VAT when applicable) and it will be distributed via our download shop(s), Steam and of course also boxed.




VFR Simulator is not a single product, it’s a series.  Here are some of the ideas we are working on.

  • VFR Simulator: Herrenteich Gliders (in production now)
  • VFR Simulator: Crop Dusting
  • VFR Simulator: Aerial Firefighting
  • VFR Simulator: Como Seaplanes
  • VFR Simulator: Ultralights
  • VFR Simulator: Barnstorming



Please note that we still need different textures on the aircraft.


All products are fully stand-alone but will merge to some degree, so for example you will be able to use the aircraft from one product in the scenery of the other.

VFR Simulator: Herrenteich Gliders focusses on the Herrenteich Flugplatz located in Germany. It is directly located at the Rhein river and there is a lot to explore in the near surrounding.  The surrounding is covered with aerial imagery at 35 cm textures. This will make it a rather large project, at least 20 Gb in size.



Please note that we still need different textures on the aircraft.

There are 5 aircraft included in this product.

  • PLZ-104 Wilga, a sturdy single engine aircraft often used for parachuting or glider towing. Not an easy aircraft to fly certainly not while towing a glider!
  • L-13 Blanik, a widely used glider trainer, easy to fly and reliable.
  • Schleicher ASK 21, a more modern glider that can do some serious aerobatics.
  • Schleicher ASK 21 Mi, the same glider but now with an auxiliary engine that makes it possible to take off.
  • H-36 Super Dimona, a motor glider that is most used as a VFR motor aircraft.



The development is currently in high gear and we have shown the product already to customers at the recent show in Lelystad.  We are not willing to name a release date though.


What we are NOT sure about is the name. VFR Simulator is perfect for the reader in this forum who knows that VFR means Visual Flight Rules.  But a good deal of the customers we are aiming for simply will not know that and would you buy a product with a name you do not understand?  So we are still looking for a name. if you have any suggestion we would be more than happy to consider it!


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Brian Pfeiffer
Brian Pfeiffer

Simple name “Wilga VFR”…so…. if you use my suggestion, do I get a free copy ? lol

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