Aerosoft Antonov An-2 New Previews + Feature Details

Mathijs Kok has posted some new previews of their upcoming Antonov An-2 aircraft, which we haven’t heard much about recently. With the new previews, he also gave details on what to expect from the aircraft as shown below. No word on a release date but we can presume the developmentĀ is pretty far in, with Mathijs stating ‘Should not be too long now’. The aircraft will also be P3D v4 compatible from the get-go, which is great!

  • Executive modelling with many animations with up-to-date stadards

  • FPS friendly, because we love real feelings in flight

  • Service Window with special tools to manage ground operations (see image)

  • Fully functional systems, with special modules to avoid FSX and P3D limitations

  • Axis and key modes to manage difficult breaking system of An-2

  • High definition virtual cockpit

  • Highly realistic flight model, tested by actual An-2 pilots

  • Physically correct tail wheel


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