Aerosoft Douglas DC-8 Dynamic Lighting + Flight Previews

Just a quick progress update from ‘Michael’ who is developing the DC-8 for FSX and P3D, which will be published under the aerosoft name. In the previews we see the dynamic lighting Micheal has been adding to parts of the aircraft, in this case, its the engineer’s floodlights which now support P3D v4’s dynamic lighting. Here are the latest details on the development…

“You will be able to do it in the sim as in real life.  I know full takeoff power was used but don’t recall offhand the starting altitude and rate of descent.  A google search would probably find it.  I did test it successfully when validating the flight model.

There were some questions about the INS.  The developer for that confirmed he is working from a Delco Carousel manual (which I also have) and states: “Only difference to being identical to the real thing is some errors and malfunction codes that do not quite apply for a simulated version have been removed”.

Now, I did state I was going to post a video to show some features, but having started that process I quickly realized that this would not be a good use of my time right now. Generating the unedited video is relatively easy, but then one has to learn how to use editing software, edit the clips, add captions, figure out what format to export, etc, etc.  I’m afraid that right now it would be too much time taken from that needed to finish the aircraft.  So the best I can offer right now is screenshots and information.

Below is a view of the engine smoke. These early turbofans produced a fair amount of visible smoke at high power settings.   Currently this will start when power is near the takeoff setting and cut out when climb power is applied at 1000 feet.  Looking at videos on Youtube, I think this is a little early and will probable extend this a little, maybe until 240 kots or so is reached.”


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