Amazing Video Of Flight Sim Running Unigine 2 Sim Engine | Be-200 Flight Simulator Video

We have already seen some tech demos in the past from Unigine, videos showing off their Multi-Layered Volumetric Clouds for example. Today, however, they have released a video showing full flight functionality in a Be-200 Flight Simulator running on the Unigine 2 Sim Engine

The engine is capable of features such as…

  • 3D volumetric clouds with support for multiple layers and regional weather
  • Realistic atmosphere rendering with light scattering
  • Dynamic time-of-day model
  • Weather effects, including wind affecting objects, rain, fog, lightning, and snow
  • Physics-based lighting model
  • Support for 64-bit coordinate precision
  • Large visibility distance up to 400 km
  • Support for high-resolution insets on terrain down to 1 mm precision
  • Optimized rendering of vast, detailed masses of vegetation
  • Geometry waves (Beaufort scale 0-12)
  • Shoreline simulation
  • Ship wake waves
  • Underwater mode
  • Subsurface light scattering
  • Multi-channel rendering
  • Support for curved screens (image warping and edge blending)
  • Various sensors visualization
  • Computer vision features: multi-mode access to the scene, auxiliary data encoding, object masking and tagging
  • Support for broad spectrum of consumer-grade hardware
  • Support for supersonic flight speed
  • Direct loading of raw 3D scan or CAD data
  • Fast intersection testing for LOS/HAT requests
  • VR optimizations for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive HMDs

The sights are breathtaking, and it really makes you think what we could have if developers were to implement this technology into modern consumer flight sims



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