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Captain Sim Release Hotfix 1.001 For 757 CAPTAIN III BASE PACK

Captain Sim have released the first hotfix for their recently released 757 for P3D v4, the hotfix corrects the engine startup spool which a lot of users were experiencing problems with…

The 757 Captain III Base Pack hotfix 1.001 is available and includes the following new features and enhancements:
– The engines startup spool up is improved.
– CTD at FMC STAR execution is fixed.
– The F/D TO mode pitch bar nose up position is fixed.
– ADI displays readability is improved.
– FMC target Mach and actual Mach discrepancy is addressed.
– P3D4 flight plan .pln files loading into FMC is fixed.
– Battery discharge while on APU GEN is fixed.
– The EICAS displays minor fixes.
– Night lighting of the overhead lights switches is improved.

  1. Download the csy572_1001.exe file to any folder on your computer.

  2. Make sure the P3D4 is not running.

  3. Double click the downloaded csy572_1001.exe file to install the 1.001.

Version 1.1 with more fixes and features is coming soon.


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