Concorde Coming To X-Plane 11 – COLIMATA Announce Concorde Project

great news for X-Plane 11 users today! COLIMATA, who have made some supersonic fighter aircraft add-ons for X-Plane in the past, have today announced their latest project, the Concorde!

here are the latest previews, and all the information we know as of know…


having years of experience in developing supersonic fighter jets, it was time to start with a legendary supersonic airliner. Concorde.

I started a few months ago in parallel to my other projects. Now I can show you some early images of the aircraft, it’s cockpit and the flight model in X-Plane 11 (XP11 only). This is work in progress.

Concorde will be further developed by a small team in the next 9 to 12 months. The big challenges are it’s subsonic and supersonic flight model, autopilot and navigation.

The aircraft will be around the 50$ range and offer great features as our fighter jets. Like custom 3D sound, very good graphics, and reasonable system depth.

Many details are still to decide. I keep you up to date in the next months.

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