Envtex Service Pack 1 Released!

Good news from TOGA projects today! They have just released the first major update for Envtex, service pack 1. Bringing many improvements to the Envtex software, one of the biggest changes being the new user interface. Here are all the details from TOGA projects…

Hi all,

I am glad to announce that the Service Pack 1 for Envtex is now officially released.
We would first like to thank you all for your precious help during the Open beta process, we couldn’t have enhanced the product that much without your feedbacks, and we will continue to listen you and apply your suggestions as much as we can.

The full installer is now available in your simmarket account. If you don’t know how to install it, take a look at the “How to download & install” pdf file which is also available there.
You don’t need to have 1.0.5 installed or any other version first: the installer contains all the previous updates and hotfixes. The only thing we recommend to do is to uninstall all the previous versions, including beta, before installing as this SP1 brings a lot of changes (don’t forget to save your settings using the export button if you want to keep them).

We regret to announce that we decided to stop the development on FS9, there is now a huge gap between the current simulators and this old but gold 15 years simulator. Unfortunately, keep developing on FS9 would mean less time on P3D, which is now our total priority.
Thus, a separated user interface has been created and FS9 users can now launch Envtex using the “Envtex for FS9” shortcut.

Now, what’s next? Well we also have other project in mind but we will not reveal anything right now, the only thing we can say is that all our future product will keep the same price and user friendly philosophy.
Envtex will also keep being updated especially on the features side. We added and enhanced several features in SP1 but it was mainly a huge update of the user interface, now that it’s done we think this a much better user friendly interface and a good base for future updates.
As we almost never stopped working for more than one year it’s just time to take a quick rest until the end of August, but I promise we’ll have some very good stuff for you before the end of the year :)

I wish you all very nice holidays and many happy flights !

What’s new?

• New User Interface
• Prepar3D v4 officially supported
• Sun and moon settings separated from each other
• Ability to change sun and moon size
• Aurora setting separated from other special effects
• Increased Aurora Borealis and Australis coverage
• New Aurora Borealis and Australis variants
• New airport, aurora, cirrus, cumulus, grass and lens effect presets
• Sky textures variety increased in existing presets
• Milkyway texture resized to UHD (4096px) for P3Dv4 instead of 1024px
• Moon textures resized to HD (1024px) for P3Dv4 instead of 256px
• New ASCA sky textures themes added
• Performance indicators added
• Ability to load and export user settings
• PTA integrated and PTAbsolute presets included
• Automatic backup in background (does not erase any file from existing backup, no user action required anymore)
• FS9 application separated from other simulators (due to the end of FS9 development)
• New error messages for activation errors with redirection to instructions
• Minor texture and effects corrections
• User manual updated

Don’t hesitate to report us any suggestion or issue in the “Envtex help” section.


Do I need to reinstall the textures?
As this updates contains some very important changes in textures, it is highly recommended to reinstall textures.

How can I create a backup?
You don’t need to do it anymore, Envtex will backup everything automatically for you, without any action needed !

Will I lose my previous backup?
Absolutely not, the files saved in your current backup remains the same and the backup feature is now much more convenient and user friendly: you don’t have anything to do, Envtex will do its work in background safely, without erasing any file of your previous backup.

Must I uninstall the previous version to install this hotfix?
It’s not compulsory but highly advised.

Is this hotfix cumulative?
Yes, this update contains all previous updates and can be installed without the need of any previous version.


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