First Aerosoft CRJ Update Released! V1.0.0.2 Patch Notes

the Aerosoft CRJ hasn’t been out for long and already we have an update from Aerosoft, the update ( mainly consists of bug fixes, some quite major ones many users were facing, such as the CTD

something else to highlight in the update is the GSX config files which have been added for full compatibility with GSX, the full patch notes are as follows…


Has been added:

– FMS: Keyboard controls for selected heading, selected airspeed and selected VS/Pitch

– GSX Config Files (thanks to Ian Richardson)


– FMS: CTD on Fix Info page

– ED2: Yaw Damper and Stab Trim messages rotating with rudder trim indicator

– ISI: Brightness is occasionally set to -1 causing the display background to go dark

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