Flight Sim World SDK Expected To Release ‘Before The End Of This Year’

Dovetail have today made a post over on the Steam news page for FSW, in the post they express that the development of 3rd party addons is not taking the focus away from the development of the core sim, and confirm that they are expecting to get the SDK out to developers by the ‘end of this year’ it’s going to be exciting to see what developers can achieve with the FSW platform using the SDK

here is the full post…

Add-on content has been an essential part of PC flight simulation for over a decade, enabling simmers to customize their experience down to the finest detail. We are proud to carry that ethos to our new platform, Flight Sim World.

Releasing add-ons for FSW, even at this early stage, has greatly benefitted the sim as we are learning from the expertise of industry veterans such as Just Flight, Turbulent Designs and many more.

Some of you have expressed concern that add-on content is taking the focus away from the development of the core sim, however this is not the case. These add-ons are handled by our Third Party team, who are solely focused on bringing the best and brightest developers into the world of FSW. Meanwhile, most of our development team are hard at work developing the SDK, which we expect to release before the end of this year.

  • The FSW team


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