FlythemaddogX MD-82: What To Expect On Initial Release + In The Near Future

LeonardoSoftHouse have posted a small update regarding their upcoming FlythemaddogX MD-82 and what to expect upon release, and some details on what we can expect to see in the near future with SP1 and SP2…

Hello, time for some info. Unfortunately no release date and no pricing available at this moment.

We want to be clear for what you can expect on initial release and in the near future. FlythemaddogX is the simulation of the McDonnel Douglas MD-82 powered with JT8D-217/A engines, with cockpit configuration EFIS + FMS in the “pink” background variant.
We have no plans to make the rest of the series (-81/-83/-87/-88 or -90) or an analogue version, neither to have the blue background variant or other power plants.
Shared Cockpit won’t be present on intial release, we need to add the EFIS + PMS (Canadian Marconi) configuration before. This will be done with SP1 in the next few months upon release. SP1 will be free of charge. Once having that, Shared Cockpit will follow with SP2, also free of charge.

Wx radar is both compatible with Active Sky and REX Advantage, with Active Sky as WX engine a basic acars data link is available via FMS. We are evaluating similar capability with REX Skyforce wx engine.
FlythemaddogX is compatible with GSX (you can find the profile on FSDT GSX forums); FS2Crew (that will be available the same day of our release) and, starting from today’s airac 1801 you’ll find also the navdata updater from Navigraph.

NDA has been lifted, in the next few days you will see some preview of the product.

Part of the documentation will be available before release to let you evaluate the product (we are not releasing the Operations Manual).

Thanks for the warm response for Trino’s recovery, we all hope he gets better soon.


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