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FlythemaddogX MD-82 Release Information + Full Flight Video

We have a small update from the developers of the FlythemaddogX MD-82, in a Facebook post they gave information on the two versions that the MD-82 will be released as, a version specifically for the 64-bit P3D v4.1 and another version for older sims such as P3D v3, FSX etc. The devs are still aiming for a January release and also posted a full flight video…

FlythemaddogX will be available in two versions:
– FSX/FSX:SE/P3Dv3.4;
– P3Dv4.1.
No pricing info available yet.

While our team is working full steam on the 6 liveries that will be included in the official release (we are still aiming for January, further news shortly), check latest videos in our Youtube channel: a full flight KATL-KMEM showing some interesting features, and an engine fire at takeoff


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