Fsdreamteam – GSX Update Released

as mentioned in the release statement earlier from FSDreamTeam concerning the release of their Lousiville airport scenery, they have pushed an update for GSX, version you can download the update here

Here are the change notes…

NEW: Cargo Stand loading system, as used in KSDF UPS Worldport.
NEW: “Mirror” Docking System, as used in KSDF.
NEW: The Gate selection menu indicates the number of parkings suitable for the airplane in use.
NEW: Distance readout for every parking system.
NEW: Added new ULD types SAA and A1N.
NEW: “Warp to Gate” function supports planes with non-standard flight models (Majestic Q400).
NEW Airplane Editor: A cargo door can now support multiple ULD types.
NEW Airplane Editor: A separate Main Cargo door can be specified.
NEW Scenery Editor: Saves automatically when exit from Aircraft Editor (like Parking Editor).
NEW Scenery Editor: Preferred exit marker in Parking Editor.
NEW Scenery Editor: Each parking can be set to ignore the airplane Preferred Exit.
NEW Scenery Editor: New reference markers for Cargo Main and Preferred Exit doors.
New Ground Operators added: OneJet, Air North Yukon, Strategic Aviation Canada.
Bugfix: Pushback truck swirling around the gear on some sceneries (Aerosoft EDDS and others).
Bugfix: Aircraft will decelerate more smoothly when stopping Pushback manually.
Bugfix: Move the Passenger Bus closer to the wingtip.
Bugfix: Fixed an error while creating airplane Traffic cones.
Bugfix: Fix BaggageTrain and PassengerBus when cargo exit is on the rear left (CRJ 900).
Bugfix: Fix crash while cycling parkings very fast in the Scenery Editor.
Bugfix: Fix BaggageLoader and BaggageTrain with rotated rear left cargo door (CRJ900).


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