FSFX ChasePlane 0.4 Beta Update Released + Patch Notes

Chaseplane 0.4 is here! featuring some major changes which we highlighted here as well as the all-new replay system. The new beta will download as soon as you open ChasePlane, make sure you have experimental updates checked, here are all the changes…

It’s time everyone!

After over 2 months of work, we are finally ready to give you the latest and greatest version of ChasePlane. It will fix a lot of issues reported by users over the last few months and introduce new features to make your simulation life easier.

Update Notes

Note that Control Assignments and Preferences might not synchronize between the Sable and the Experimental channel. We strongly suggest you take a screenshot of your Preferences before updating.

To update to Beta 0.4, simply enable Experimental versions in ChasePlane’s Preferences and restart the app.

ChasePlane is still in Beta. Due to the many changes, there might still be undiscovered bugs and will take a few days to fix. We have spent some time testing it internally but nothing can prepare us for the amount of people having access to it right now. Please report any issues to us via our support page.

2-4x Performance Improvement

A lot of time was spent on rewriting the core of ChasePlane. We got the hammer out and knocked the base down to rewrite it from scratch. The result is awesome. We have observed a 2 to 4x improvement in CPU and GPU usage and 30-40% faster launch times compared to our previous Experimental build (v0.3.166). We have split a lot of processes to multiple threads, improving the responsiveness and overall feel of the application.

The first comments we got from this version is that the camera motions and transitions feel much smoother than before as a result of those changes. Will continue to improve ChasePlane multi-thread abilities in upcoming updates.

Hot Corners

One of the new features we announced in our presentation at Cosford was Hot Corners. It’s a new way of triggering actions and to go to different camera angles without pressing any button.

You move your camera to a corner of the screen and when you the cursor back towards the middle, an action of your choice is triggered.  We also have built a lot of protections into the system to prevent you from accidentally triggering an event!

Replay System

The biggest feature of v0.4 is the addition of a simple replay system. You can watch the previous 1200 seconds of your flights with a simple to use interface that includes a timeline, event markers and visualization of data.

Pressing the play button will automatically place you 2 minutes before landing and allow you to watch your landing without having to search for the right time to start the replay.

The playback rate can be changed directly from the playback window for great slow motion analysis of for video recording. It’s a very simple and modest start for a system that will be improved over time.


We have added a cool and simple little feature called Binoculars. When you press a set key assignment, you can temporarily zoom the camera in to search for airports, other aircraft or to look at sceneries from your aircraft. You can set the zoom factor from the Preferences.

Preset Reordering

On thing we wanted to do for a while is being able to drag presets around. I’m pleased to say it has finally been integrated. You can drag presets to reorder them in the Presets page. Simply click-hold a preset for 300ms to move it somewhere else. The preset strip will change color when it is ready to be dragged.

Offline Capabilities

The most welcomed change in this version is the ability to use ChasePlane while offline. We realized that a lot of people are using ChasePlane in parts of the world where Internet is slow or sometimes inaccessible. Recent downtimes also reminded us of the importance of ChasePlane in the lives of many virtual pilots.

ChasePlane is an essential tool for many and we understand the need for it to remain accessible no matter what. Presets and preferences are now stored locally but are synced to the cloud just like before when a connection becomes available. The next time your PC crashes, your presets will remain as they were the last time they got synchronized with the cloud.


We think this is a great continuation for this project! Thank you everyone for their very nice feedback so far. Keep those coming!

The FSFX Packages team


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