FSLabs Considering Developing The Concorde-X For P3D v4 With Complete Overhaul

FSLabs have posted a statement over on their Facebook expressing their acknowledgement to the community about bringing the Concorde-X addon released back in 2010, back to modern simulators, in this case, P3D v4. with a completely overhauled set of features and improvements. Before the project can get the go-ahead, FSLabs are looking to the community to express their interests in the project. Here is the full statement…

Hello all,

As you are all well aware by now, our A320-X is available for Prepar3D V4, we’re working on the A320-X SP1 release for FSX and Prepar3D v3 and the rest of the A32X fleet is in the pipeline to be released in the coming months.

We had promised that when that time came, we would take a closer look to the possibility of creating a new Concorde title, specifically designed for Prepar3D v4.

Our existing Concorde-X title, developed in 2008 and released in 2010 was a huge success: It brought the thrill and excitement of Concorde to a desktop simulation and even today, almost 15 years after the last Concorde flight, the interest in Concorde remains very clear.

Our Flight Sim Labs developer team feels there might still exist one more opportunity to see this aircraft take to the virtual skies in Prepar3D v4 – with the resources we have been acquiring since the days of the Altitude Concorde for FS9 back in 2002 up to today, we believe we are the single company uniquely fitted to undertake this quite significant task one last time, on the most recent flight simulation platform: Prepar3D v4.

We feel that in order for the Concorde to be done justice with the exciting new features available today, we would need to see the following new and improved facilities included in this new version:

New Virtual Cockpit
New cockpit model built with the Prepar3D V4 SDK
New high-resolution textures
Complete 3D engineers station
Both British Airways and Air France variants
Full dynamic light integration with FSLSpotlights v2
Improved external texturing – using techniques developed for the A32X Series
All new high-resolution sound set using our new sound infrastructure developed for the A32X Series including cockpit, cabin and external sound sets, complete with sonic boom
New special effects – including our spectacular lighting effects in adverse weather conditions and fog
True Dynamic Lighting – a system developed for the A32X Series that varies the intensity of the light depending on environmental conditions and time of day (or night).
Cabin PA sound sets for both British Airways and Air France
Concorde Weather Radar integrated with Active Sky
Utilization of our Jet Engine Simulation program to simulate the Olympus 593’s more accurately in every phase of flight – developed for the A32X Series

The purpose of this post is to gauge how much interest there would be in a new Concorde title for Prepar3D v4, as we estimate the price of this new version to be around $100 USD.
If you’d like to see a new Concorde in Prepar3D v4 – most likely the last Concorde project of its kind – please vote:

Send an email to “wantconcorde@flightsimlabs.com”
Subject: “I will buy the Concorde on P3D v4!”
Add your full name and age, telling us that that you will support this effort.

We reiterate: This project cannot and will not happen without your help. This is possibly the last time a Concorde will ever be developed at this fidelity level and caliber for any simulator platform – if you wish to keep the dream alive, tell us!

As always, thank you very much for your continued support in Flight Sim Labs!


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