Majestic Dash 8 Q400 For P3D v4 – Release Date Announced + Upgrade Costs

The 64-bit version of the majestic dash 8 Q400 is less than 2 weeks away! In the status update majestic posted on Facebook, they stated that the P3D v4 compatible product will be released on Monday 23rd of October 2017, we all seen this coming as Lockheed stated that they knew of some big products releasing near the time of P3D v4.1, and the Q400 was certainly one of them, they also shared the update prices previous owners would have to pay to upgrade to the P3D v4 version of the product, this was expected as converting a product to a 64-bit format requires a lot of work and changes, which Majestic talk about in their statement…

Attention ALL Majestic Software Q400 Captains, First Officers, and Virtual Airlines:

The wait has been a laborious one for all crew members that were grounded for the past 5 months awaiting their Q400s to become air-worthy for use with Prepar3D v4. We are pleased to announce that the x64 bit version of the Majestic Software Q400 addon is currently being tested in-house, and should begin beta testing shortly, and the “tentative” release date is now being set for Monday 23rd of October 2017.

As mentioned in previous updates, there has been a significant amount of work that had to done to resurrect the Q400 for the x64 bit version of Prepar3D, which included replacing a number of functionalities, such as the navigational database engine, 2D panel graphics engine, network and interfacing – to enable them to function and take the full advantage of the x64 bit platform. Hopefully, the beta testing stage will be fairly straightforward (fingers crossed).

So the question everyone’s been curious about: Will there be a cost for the transition to Prepar3D v4? – Yes, there will be. Current owners of the PILOT & PRO editions for FSX/FSX:SE/Prepar3D v3 Q400 PILOT and PRO will be discounted significantly for the Prepar3D v4 transition. The discounts will be provided by the stores where the original purchases were made, or by Just Flight Ltd for the Boxed editions.

Discount Pricing: APPLICABLE ONLY TO OWNERS OF THE Q400 PILOT & PRO x32 bit Editions.
PILOT – 14.95 Euros
PRO – 19.95 Euros

New purchases of the MJC Q400 PILOT and PRO Editions for Prepar3D will be the same as the FSX/FSX:SE and Prepar3D v3 editions.

As always, we thank you all for your continued patience and support.

The Majestic Software Team


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