Matt Davies – Update On In-Development A380 + Metar Simualtions + SimStall Beta + projectFLY

Matt Davies has just posted an update video over on his YouTube, in this video he discusses his return to YouTube, but even more interesting, he discusses the status of his in-development products, such as his A380, Simstall and projectFLY. there is a lot of information to process in the 41-minute video, we recommend you watch it, but here is the basic rundown as to what the future holds…

Thee A380 is on track in its 4 months development, but as the team is new to developing something so big, it may take a while longer than usual, a closed beta for Simstall (the potential steam of flight sim) is coming soon, projectFLY is on track and more will be revealed and discussed over at the Flight Sim Show 2017 at RAF Cosford. And finally, all of these new products will fall under the parent company named Metar Simulations


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