Monthly News Roundup – September 2017

FlightSimLabs A320-X – New previews of updated virtual cockpit in P3D v4 (Final stages of testing) + A319 preview

FlightSimLabs have just posted some new previews of their A320-X running in P3D v4 over on their forums, showing off the updated virtual cockpit with the new modelling and textures (yay). The A320-X its self is ‘in the final stages of testing’ for P3D v4, which means we will see the 64-bit A320-X soon, with all the new improvements which is super exciting!

And as you can see at the end, FSL threw in an additional preview of their A319-X, no new information on the A319, but it’s good to finally see it in the sim. Heres the full post from FSL…

Afternoon everyone,

I asked our beta team to collect some high-res screenshots of our updated virtual cockpit for the A320-X in Prepar3D v4 so that I could share these with you.

We are in the final stages of testing the A320-X in Prepar3D v4, which as I mentioned previously – features a new high definition sound package, new modelling and texture work, new FSL Spotlights which utilise and extend the new dynamic lighting found in P3D v4.

Users can now load, save and set a default panel state through the MCDU. The FMGS now includes SEC FPLN, FIX INFO (both S4 and S7 standards) and extensive work to support upcoming features such as wind predictions, offsets, equal time points, energy circles, step climb/descent and required time to arrival logic.

There is a LOT of work that has gone into this aircraft since our last update – and we’ll be providing a full list of details of these new and updated features upon release.

Turbulent Designs Terraflora released!

Turbulent Designs have just made Terraflora available to purchase on their website, which you can visit here. It looks like the price is now £23.99 instead of the previous price of £19.99 which was announced

We are also hosting a giveaway of Terraflora right now! And there is plenty of time to enter the giveaway! 

PMDG British Aerospace Jetstream 41 is coming to P3D!

Big news from PMDG today, confirming that their British Aerospace Jetstream 41 aircraft addon will be coming to P3D soon! Here’s all the details and some great looking previews

Good day turboprop captains! We haven’t forgotten about our PMDG British Aerospace Jetstream 41 fans, and we are currently pushing forward to bring this aircraft to you in Prepar3D. Get ready to brush up on your engine management skills, because this will be landing on your desktop in short order!

FlythemaddogX – New details on MD-80 + release before 2018

We just got some very exciting details from FlythemaddogX regarding their MD-80 add-on being ported over to modern sims, so let’s get straight into it…

FlythemaddogX is developed by Leonardo SH, the same team that brought to you the Flythemaddog series for FS9/FSX more than 10 years, and will be available for FSX, FSX:SE, Prepar3D v3 and Prepar3D v4.

FlythemaddogX features a brand new external model along with a fully interactive virtual cockpit, coded with the latest C++ techniques and compiled using proper SDKs.

We’re taking our challenge very seriously: bring again to life the most complex representation of the MD-80 ever.
The depth of the systems simulation -along with the capability to create dozen of failures-, its unique immersive noisy cockpit and the amazing flight dynamics, that have been, among others, the key factor for its success…everything it’s still there. But better.

There isn’t a release date set yet, but we expect to give you this beauty before 2018.

Although we really love analog gauges, we have no plans to build an analog version anymore, since it would be extremely resource demanding at this time for us. The MultiCrew support won’t also be included on the first release.

You may not like those statements, but we are aware that after almost 7 years, and with the huge step forward simulators have done recently, you have high expectations from us, also basing on the reputability we have achieved during time.

We want to meet those expectations, and we want to be crystal clear from day 1.

Fly the real. Fly the Maddog.

Matt Davies study level A380 for P3D v4 + X-Plane – New cockpit previews

Matt has posted some new previews of his in development Airbus A380, the project is still in the early stages but it seems the cockpit is taking shape and it looks quite nice, still no more information on the technical side of the development, but it should be noted that Matt and his team are developing the project on the side of other development projects such as ‘ProjectFLY’

QualityWings 787 store page live! More release preparations + Price confirmed

Another big step forward to the QualityWings 787 release, they have just put the purchase/store page live to the public. The price has been confirmed at $69.95,  £57.34, €67.26. There’s nothing that we haven’t seen, no new information or previews, but it’s very exciting to see more steps are being taken to the big release

New replay system for FSX + P3D to be announced at Cosford by FSFX?

you may have seen on the FSFX website, or if you are a customer of theirs, you may have received an email with the following image, and an invitation underneath, saying…

You are invited to join us at the RAF Cosford Auditorium
for some cool announcements and an update on our product line.

October 7th, 2017
12:30 p.m.

from immediately looking at the image and reading the text, you think replay system. FSX and P3D have been in desperate need of a new replay system, that loads in animations and performance of the aircraft correctly, and actually looks like the aircraft is flying. This is all speculation but it makes sense for FSFX to do this, it may be integrated into chaseplane, or it may be a separate product, we don’t know quite yet, we will just have to sit tight until October 7th

Lockheed Martin Future Plans Recap – P3D v4.1 Release Date And Features + Big Product Releases With v4.1 Release

in case you didn’t know already, Lockheed Martin conducted their AMA over on Reddit yesterday, we got some interesting answers from Lockheed Martin, which revealed some crucial information about future updates for the P3D series, in particular, v4.1, we got some great information and of course, a release date

P3D v4.1 release date

P3D v4.1 has been confirmed to be released on October 10th 2017

Products being released alongside v4.1

as mentioned below, FS labs did mention that their A320-X requires some problem sorting with the P3D platform and that 4.1 would bring fixes to these problems FS labs discovered when porting over their A320 to the 64-bit platform. Lockheed confirmed that some big addon releases will be occurring around the time of the v4.1 release in response to a question regarding the FS labs A320 and the majestic Q400. This means that there is a massive chance we will see the FS labs A320-X being released around the time of 4.1 (October 10th)

“we work extremely close with developers, and we are aware that there will be a few big product releases on or very close to the v4.1 release”

P3D v4.1 features

as mentioned by developers when v4 was first released, and developers started pushing out 64-bit versions of their products, some developers mentioned v4.1 will have many improvements to the platform, and major bug fixes, which some developers mentioned were crucial for their product, FlightSimLabs did mention this in terms with the A320-X for P3D v4, so we know that v4.1 will include bug fixes and improvements (as usual) but also these features which were confirmed by over on the AMA…

  • First steps towards rain effects on the cockpit windows
  • immersive technology and virtual reality
  • improve the multicore threading performance

Whats coming in the long-term

as well as immediate changes in the v4.1 version, Lockheed Martin have promised a lot of features and improvements for the future, we may see these in v4.2 or v4.3 etc, or they may be further in the future, such as P3D v5

  • DirectX 12
  • updating the airport database, removing closed airports etc
  • ATC improvemnts with voice regonition
  • sloped runways
  • perception of speed
  • wet/dry runways
  • better GPU usage
  • improvements to SDK

Carenado announce NEW PROJECT – Saab S340 for FSX/P3D!

Carenado have just announced their next project! the Saab S340 is coming to FSX and P3D! We also have some renders which they posted on their facebook, note these are work in progress, but the aircraft looks beautiful, and very detailed, as always.

no word on any status of the project, it’s hard to tell, but the project looks like it is in nearing the middle stage of development, but we really don’t know until we get more details from Carenado, which hopefully will be soon!

TFDi 717 – Beta Update Released

TFDi are back with another update for their users who have opted into their beta programme for the 717, if you don’t know about this, you can find out more here and instructions on how to get into the beta

The update seems to have some good improved features, such as improved engine start up and shut down sounds, and performance optimizations. seems like a very good step in the right direction for the 717

  • [ADDED] “PACK OVRD” alert
  • [ADDED] SimConnect event for triggering custom 717 events
  • [ADDED] SimConnect event to notify external clients of PA, ATTND, and MECH button usage
  • [ADDED] Event to control PA IN USE and VIDEO IN USE lights
  • [ADDED] Call reset, attendant to cockpit call, and ground to cockpit call capability
  • [ADDED] Crosstrack deviation indicator to the ND
  • [ADDED] ADIRU horn
  • [ADDED] MAINT INTPH button logic
  • [ADDED] VOR TO/FROM indication on the ND
  • [ADDED] VOR Radial indicator lines on the ND
  • [ADDED] Strobe on ground functionality (setting via the Addon Manager)
  • [FIXED] Ability to temporarily unlock reverse thrust handles in flight
  • [FIXED] Stick shaker audio not stopping during stick pusher activation
  • [FIXED] Weather radar entering TEST mode off schedule
  • [FIXED] Reverse thrust authority and display
  • [FIXED] Backward captain yoke light knob animation
  • [FIXED] Nose light intensity not varying properly with switch position
  • [FIXED] An issue causing corrupt VOR/NAVAID frequencies
  • [FIXED] PLAN mode not displaying without IRS alignment
  • [FIXED] A bug causing weird waypoint DATA display on the ND
  • [FIXED] PA button logic
  • [FIXED] BETWEEN altitude restriction display on ND and MCDU
  • [FIXED] BETWEEN altitude restriction entry functionality
  • [FIXED] A bug that could cause the ADIRU to stay on regardless of power
  • [FIXED] VOR being incorrectly read at unreasonable distances
  • [FIXED] Missing CALL, PA, and VIDEO annunciators
  • [FIXED] VOR deviation being incorrectly read and displayed
  • [FIXED] VOR distance incorrectly using ground distance instead of DME distance
  • [FIXED] Systems not properly reading if a VOR is set or not
  • [FIXED] BETWEEN altitude restrictions being treated as AT restrictions
  • [FIXED] ACCELERATION ALTITUDE not being honored
  • [FIXED] Packs off departure behavior
  • [FIXED] Active Sky weather radar not displaying properly
  • [FIXED] Improperly scaled WXR test image at high range settings
  • [CHANGED] Improved AOA, stall AOA, and G force smoothing to improve systems
  • [CHANGED] Increased required G force for stick pusher activation slightly
  • [CHANGED] The fuel system now honors the default UNLIMITED FUEL option
  • [CHANGED] Weight units and temperature units can be selected independently
  • [CHANGED] Improved ND message font choices
  • [CHANGED] Improved weather radar efficiency
  • [CHANGED] Improved engine startup and shutdown sounds
  • [CHANGED] Implemented new FMS/MCDU threading model to mitigate laggy display/systems issue
  • [CHANGED] Minor optimization to avoid edge case high CPU usage scenario relating to the sound engine

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