New replay system for FSX + P3D to be announced at Cosford by FSFX?

you may have seen on the FSFX website, or if you are a customer of theirs, you may have received an email with the following image, and an invitation underneath, saying…

You are invited to join us at the RAF Cosford Auditorium
for some cool announcements and an update on our product line.

October 7th, 2017
12:30 p.m.

from immediately looking at the image and reading the text, you think replay system. FSX and P3D have been in desperate need of a new replay system, that loads in animations and performance of the aircraft correctly, and actually looks like the aircraft is flying. This is all speculation but it makes sense for FSFX to do this, it may be integrated into chaseplane, or it may be a separate product, we don’t know quite yet, we will just have to sit tight until October 7th


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