ORBX Release ObjectFlow 2 For P3D v4 + Airports! How To Get All ORBX Airports Working In P3D v4

Big news from ORBX today! they have just announced that ObjectFlow 2 has been released exclusively for P3D v4, but there’s a bit of a catch, the new ObjectFlow 2 is currently in beta, so some problems may be encountered, and getting it is a bit different than usual

if you did not know, the reason why we have been waiting so long for ORBX to bring their airports to P3D v4, is because of the need for Objectflow to undergo heavy amounts of redesign to work with the 64-bit platform, Objectflow basically enables ORBX to bring exclusive features into their scenery, and many mechanics of their scenery rely on this module. This has brought about long delays for ORBX airports, whereas their other products such as FTX global or OpenLC regions have been compatible from the get go with P3D v4 because they do not rely on Objectflow

from today, we can use all of ORBX airports inside of P3D v4! but in order to do so, we must use ORBX’s new system, ‘FastLane’, which is ORBX’s way of enrolling early access features out to the public, by using FastLane, we can download the beta version of the new ObjectFlow 2, which will enable us to use all ORBX airports inside of P3D v4!

To do so, go to this link, you will be presented with the Fastlane enrollment page, log in to your ORBX direct account, and press the opt-in button as shown below

next time you start FTX Central, you will be notified of a new update which is available, allow it to install. when it’s finished, FTX Central will restart and you will be presented with this notification, informing you that Objectflow 2 has been installed, and all airports are here!

you are now free to download and install all the airports that you own directly from FTX Central! And they should now work fully with v4! Enjoy!


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