PMDG Jetstream 41 Release For P3D v4 – ‘Close.. real close!’

over on Facebook, PMDG uploaded a new brief preview of their upcoming jetstream 41 for P3D v4, captioned ‘Where are you flying your sim to this weekend?’ No new information in the post, if anything it was more of a teaser, but in the comment section, in reply to someone asking ‘Is ready for P3Dv4?’ they responded with ‘Close.. real close!’

the P3D v4 version of the aircraft was only announced a couple of weeks ago and looks to be in the final stages of the development, as it is a less complex aircraft than other PMDG products such as the 737NGX or 777, it won’t take as long to finish, but with PMDG, it’s hard to say where ‘close’ is


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