PMDG waiting for ‘Prepar3D v4 hot-fix from Lockheed Martin’ in order for 777-300ER to enter testing

so far we’ve seen the 747 and 777-200 enter service within P3D v4, while most people are waiting on the 737NGX with excitement, we won’t get close to seeing it without the 777-300ER expansion being released first for v4, as PMDG state the NGX will enter testing as soon as the -300ER is released

regarding the -300ER, PMDG updated their compatibility post with…

  • This product requires a Prepar3D v4 hot-fix from Lockheed Martin be released in order to enter testing.
  • This product will enter testing within hours of Lockheed Martin publishing the hotfix.
  • The current expectation is to release this product early during the week of 18-25JUN.

so we can expect to see a hot-fix from Lockheed Martin very soon, which some iron out some problems in v4 (not that there is many). and then the -300ER will enter testing very soon after, followed by the NGX, so we don’t have long to wait until we will have the whole fleet back in v4!


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