Quality Wings 787 Paintkit released – Release is NOT imminent

Qualitywings have released the paint kit for their upcoming 787 series add-on, to give designers a ‘head start’. In the post, Quality wings also stress that the Release is not imminent 🙁 and they have also confirmed that they are prepping the website for the release!

For those looking to get a head start, the Ultimate 787 PaintKit is now available. Details in the QualityWings forum Press Release section. 
Please be patient as it’s 500+ MB. I will try to provide a mirror when I can. 
Release is NOT imminent, but for those who have been paying attention we have started to take the steps in getting the website prepared for the upcoming release. We are trying hard to meet the deadline that we set. We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for your interest and patience. This product is not a unicorn lol


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