QualityWings 787 – Prerelease manual available for download

with the release the 787 getting closer every day, Qualitywings have been busy keeping the community updated, and today they have made available the unfinished manual for the 787 with this statement…

The User’s Manual for the upcoming QualityWings 787 is currently being finalized, but a copy of this UNFINISHED manual is available for viewing in the Downloads/Documentation Section of our website. For those of you who would like to get an idea of what is going to be in this product for release, the content of this manual is pretty much what to expect for version 1. An additional FMS Supplement document which will detail the FMS pages along with a short tutorial is being worked on concurrently and will be made available once the User’s Manual is finalized upon release of the QW787.
We’ve tried to simplify the Users Manual experience in away that allows you to get the quickest answer to your question about how a particular panel works or what an indication might mean. So there are many clickable links within the document that will quickly take you to what you want to know.


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