Reminder: P3D v4.1 Releasing In 5 Days – Confirmed Features

As we covered on the 27th of last month, Lockheed have confirmed some features of their upcoming v4.1 update for P3D over on their Reddit AMA, which we rounded up all of the details and features here

whats even more exciting about this upcoming update, is the fact that we will get some big addon releases as stated by Lockheed alongside the update on the 10th of October, one of these big addon releases supposedly being the FSlabs A320-X, as hints have been dropped by the devs that the 64-bit version of their A320 will be released with P3D v4.1, and with recent progress updates being posted by FSlabs, the aircraft seems to be in the final stages

Prepar3D v4.1 will be released on the 10th (in 5 days). Here are the confirmed features of the v4.1 update, as stated on the Reddit AMA…

  • First steps towards rain effects on the cockpit windows
  • immersive technology and virtual reality
  • improve the multicore threading performance
  • extensive bug fixes

lockheed also stated that the following features may be coming in future releases…

  • DirectX 12
  • updating the airport database, removing closed airports etc
  • ATC improvemnts with voice regonition
  • sloped runways
  • perception of speed
  • wet/dry runways
  • better GPU usage
  • improvements to SDK


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