SSG B747-8 Series For X-Plane Updated To v1.8

SSG have pushed out an update for their 747-8 series aircraft for X-Plane featuring some interesting changes and fixes, the update is available though X-Updater, here are the changes…

Version 1.8

This version of the SSG 747-8 includes a new Navigraph AIRAC dataset that will fix some problems related to SIDs, STARs and approach procedures that sometimes were not found when airports/runways changed in X-Plane. This new dataset also allows for a much faster load of airport information into the FMC. Keep in mind, this also changes the method by which future AIRAC databases will have to be updated for SSG 747-8 Series V1.8. Instructions are included with this update.

Other changes include:

  • Adjusted smoothness of the autopilot during turns using LNAV
  • Adjusted autopilot parameters to address problem of oscillations with glideslope engaged
  • Improved frame rates
  • Fixed issue when entering certain airports such as KORD caused errors
  • Fixed issue of “ghost” runway appearing in SID or STARs
  • Improved “direct to” function in the FMC LEGS PAGE.
  • Improved FMC handling of waypoints speed and altitude restrictions
  • Now a TOGA at 50 feet above the ground should result in entering LNAV for the missed approach
  • Improved takeoff abort behavior
  • Improved fuel prediction versus real fuel consumption
  • New SASL 2.5 plugin


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