TFDi 717 – Beta Update Released

TFDi are back with another update for their users who have opted into their beta programme for the 717, if you don’t know about this, you can find out more here and instructions on how to get into the beta

The update seems to have some good improved features, such as improved engine start up and shut down sounds, and performance optimizations. seems like a very good step in the right direction for the 717

  • [ADDED] “PACK OVRD” alert
  • [ADDED] SimConnect event for triggering custom 717 events
  • [ADDED] SimConnect event to notify external clients of PA, ATTND, and MECH button usage
  • [ADDED] Event to control PA IN USE and VIDEO IN USE lights
  • [ADDED] Call reset, attendant to cockpit call, and ground to cockpit call capability
  • [ADDED] Crosstrack deviation indicator to the ND
  • [ADDED] ADIRU horn
  • [ADDED] MAINT INTPH button logic
  • [ADDED] VOR TO/FROM indication on the ND
  • [ADDED] VOR Radial indicator lines on the ND
  • [ADDED] Strobe on ground functionality (setting via the Addon Manager)
  • [FIXED] Ability to temporarily unlock reverse thrust handles in flight
  • [FIXED] Stick shaker audio not stopping during stick pusher activation
  • [FIXED] Weather radar entering TEST mode off schedule
  • [FIXED] Reverse thrust authority and display
  • [FIXED] Backward captain yoke light knob animation
  • [FIXED] Nose light intensity not varying properly with switch position
  • [FIXED] An issue causing corrupt VOR/NAVAID frequencies
  • [FIXED] PLAN mode not displaying without IRS alignment
  • [FIXED] A bug causing weird waypoint DATA display on the ND
  • [FIXED] PA button logic
  • [FIXED] BETWEEN altitude restriction display on ND and MCDU
  • [FIXED] BETWEEN altitude restriction entry functionality
  • [FIXED] A bug that could cause the ADIRU to stay on regardless of power
  • [FIXED] VOR being incorrectly read at unreasonable distances
  • [FIXED] Missing CALL, PA, and VIDEO annunciators
  • [FIXED] VOR deviation being incorrectly read and displayed
  • [FIXED] VOR distance incorrectly using ground distance instead of DME distance
  • [FIXED] Systems not properly reading if a VOR is set or not
  • [FIXED] BETWEEN altitude restrictions being treated as AT restrictions
  • [FIXED] ACCELERATION ALTITUDE not being honored
  • [FIXED] Packs off departure behavior
  • [FIXED] Active Sky weather radar not displaying properly
  • [FIXED] Improperly scaled WXR test image at high range settings
  • [CHANGED] Improved AOA, stall AOA, and G force smoothing to improve systems
  • [CHANGED] Increased required G force for stick pusher activation slightly
  • [CHANGED] The fuel system now honors the default UNLIMITED FUEL option
  • [CHANGED] Weight units and temperature units can be selected independently
  • [CHANGED] Improved ND message font choices
  • [CHANGED] Improved weather radar efficiency
  • [CHANGED] Improved engine startup and shutdown sounds
  • [CHANGED] Implemented new FMS/MCDU threading model to mitigate laggy display/systems issue
  • [CHANGED] Minor optimization to avoid edge case high CPU usage scenario relating to the sound engine


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