TFDI Announce TrueGlass – Windshield Rain Effects For P3D v4

It seems that everyone in the community is obsessed with windshield rain effects since it was revealed for FSW. P3D v4.1 which is releasing very soon will feature ‘the first steps towards windshield rain effects’

However, TFDI have revealed their latest product, TrueGlass, they just announced it at flight sim con, and have released a video featuring it in action as shown below, it does look pretty amazing and gives a real sense of aircraft speed which people have been wanting for a while now. there are no details of a release date, but we do know that it is being implemented into the TFDI 717 very soon, exclusively for Prepar3D v4, adding ‘a whole new level of realism to aircraft when implemented. Experience authentic windshield rain, icing, and fog effects at a level never before seen in Prepar3D’


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Daniel Venter
Daniel Venter

I would recommend changing “TFDI Announce TrueGlass – Windshield Rain Effects For P3D v4” to “Windshield Rain Effects for the 717” At the moment it reads as if P3D V4 is getting windshield effects

Anthony Geinopolos
Anthony Geinopolos

When will it be released


[…] coming soon to FSX + P3D, confirmed that their MD-80 will feature TFDi’s recently revealed Trueglass technology which provides realistic windshield rain effects for aircraft and also their ReaLight […]

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