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UK2000 Gatwick For X-Plane Price + Release Date Announced

UK2000 have announced the release date and price of their upcoming Gatwick scenery for X-Plane, the scenery is currently in the final beta stage which is very exciting. Releasing on the 27th of this month with a price of £16.99

Here is the news that all you X-Plane fans have been waiting for.

Finally we are glad to announce that Gatwick is now in the final beta stage and is very close to being released.

So, the release date will be 27th January and will be priced at £16.99.

Like we said at the start of the announcement back in November, here are some of the features:

Custom Light fx’s and halo’s.
Custom Taxiways so you can see the stand you are selecting in the UI.
Ground routes for AI (Coming soon™)
Highly detailed Jetway textures
Physical Based Rendering on terminal windows/reflective surfaces

We’ll leave you with some final screenshots as usual, enjoy 


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