Users Claim To Be Able To Purchase And Download Final Version Of Prepar3D v4 – With Screenshots

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]things are beginning to heat up again with speculation of prepar3D v4 being released soon, Lockheed recently changed their website to a black theme, which reflects our findings of a black prepar3D icon on a developers desktop

we were approached by a user today who claimed they were able to successfully purchase and download prepar3D v4 and provided screenshots showing this to be true, as you can see in the screenshot below, the user was able to reach the product page that listed prepar3D v4 and the different licenses available

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the user then purchased a license and was able to download the final version! as you can see in the screenshots below. also, we have a screenshot of the .zip file opened, all of the files seem to be there – this is very exciting news as it indicates we are closer than ever to v4 (hopefully!) with the final installer files and new website layout, we can say that Lockheed are in the final stages of pushing out the product. other users have expressed that they have been successful in downloading v4. but we have no information on if it installs correctly, and no information on what has changed

stay tuned to flight sim nexus for updates on this very exciting topic!

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