X-Plane 11 Native VR ‘Nearly Ready For Beta’ – Looking For Private VR Beta Testers

X-plane 11 will soon be getting native VR support, which is big news! The public beta is coming soon, but the devs are currently looking for private beta testers…

X-Plane’s native VR is nearly ready for beta. Possibly as soon as next week, we will be moving into private beta testing of VR-capable builds. We are looking for a small number of volunteers to participate in the initial private beta.


All the usual beta disclaimers apply, but you should also expect a much greater risk of encountering bugs in the private beta! We need testers who can follow directions and provide clear & concise bug reports. We are also looking for a variety of hardware to cover.

Basic system & hardware requirements are:

  • Windows 7 or newer operating system
  • A VR-ready GPU, such as GeForce 900 or 1000 series, or AMD RX 280 or newer (no Intel GPUs are eligible)

How to Apply

Send an email to me that includes:

  • A recent X-Plane 11.10 log.txt
  • A brief overview of the VR equipment you own, such as which headset, controllers, and if it’s room-sized or not

My email is my first name at X-Plane.com. Please do not attempt to apply in comments! If you cannot follow the directions above, you will not be selected to participate in the private beta.

DO NOT PANIC IF YOU ARE NOT SELECTED FOR THIS ROUND OF TESTING. Like usual, there will also be a public beta that anyone can use to test VR.

more info here


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